Sunday 20 December

Key Question

The Story

Use this guide to help your family learn how God can help us live with humility.

First, watch this video
Then, follow up with the fun activities below!

Bible Story

Jesus is Born
Luke 2:1-7

Activity – Candy Christmas

What you need

a computer and a printer—or index cards and a writing utensil

What You Do

Print out pictures of the following candy wrappers: Mr. Goodbar®, Life Savers®, Crunch® , Zero®, Mounds®, PayDay®, gummy bears, mints (such as Altoids®), Almond Joy®. (You can find them by Google searching the candy name and clicking on “Images.”) Or you could just write down the names of the candies on index cards. (Or, if you’re feeling extra zealous—or hungry!—go and buy each all the candies!)
Mix up the images (or cards) so they’re out of order. Spread them on a flat surface where your child can see them all. Tell your child that you’re going to use the names of the candies as a prayer of thanks to God for sending us a Savior. As you read, pause to give your child a chance to find and hold up the candy that fits with the word you’re saying.
Read: “Dear God, thank You for your GOOD (Mr. Goodbar®) gift. Jesus is the ultimate example of Your love for us. Thank You for giving Your Son to be our SAVIOR (Life Savers®). Even though Mary and Joseph found themselves in a CRUNCH (Crunch® ) when it was time for Jesus to be born—and there were ZERO (Zero®) rooms available for them—You had a plan, God!
“Your plans are MOUNDS (Mounds®) better than our plans! Thank You that we can trust You no matter what. We know that Jesus, the Savior of the world, is better than anything we could ever RECEIVE (PayDay®). Life would be unBEARable (gummy bears) without Him! We MEANT (mint) so much to you, God, and you loved us so much, that you gave us a Savior. And today we get to celebrate, because “JOY (Almond Joy®) to the world, the Lord is come!” Thank You for Your gift of Jesus. Amen!”

Talk about the Bible Story

What’s the gift you’re most excited about giving this year?
What could you give that isn’t a “thing”?
Why did God send Jesus for us? (Because He loves us!)
Why did we need a Savior? (We sin, and our sin separates us from God. When Jesus died on the cross, He paid the price for the sins of the world. Jesus made it possible for us to have a relationship with God.)
How can we thank God for giving us the gift of His Son, Jesus?


Use this prayer as a guide, either after your discussion or right before bed tonight:

“Dear God, thank You for loving us so much that You sent us the greatest gift ever—the gift of your Son, Jesus. Please help us to pause this Christmas to remember the real reason we’re celebrating. We’re celebrating the birth of a baby—a baby who would change everything. Because of Jesus’ birth, we can have a relationship with You that will last forever! Help us to think about ways we can share Your love as we give this Christmas. We love You. Amen!”


God Time Cards:
are devotionals kids can do that will reinforce the content in the weekly video presentations.