Sunday 20 December

Week Three

The Shepherds
(Luke 2:8-20)

Say This
Why is Jesus special?
Jesus is God’s Son.

The Story

Have fun learning and playing with your preschooler.
First, watch the video below to hear God’s truth in a way your preschooler can understand and enjoy.
Then, follow up with the fun activities below!

Activity – Shepherding

What You Need

Cotton balls or balled up socks
Optional: Use candy canes (still in plastic) for shepherd’s hooks.

What You Do

Designate an area of the floor as the sheep pen. Sprinkle cotton balls or balled up socks away from the sheep pen. When you say, “Go,” your kid will bend over and use only their staffs (hands or candy canes) to move their sheep (cotton balls or socks) into the pen and then announce the good news: Jesus is born!
Say, “This is our sheep pen. Who did we learn about in today’s story that takes care of sheep? Yes, shepherds take care of sheep. Today we’re going to pretend to be shepherds, and we’re going to use our hands (or candy canes) to be shepherds’ staffs. These cotton balls will be our sheep. I want you to use your ‘staff’ to move the cotton balls all the way to the pen like this (Demonstrate.) When we get all the sheep in the pen, we’ll yell, ‘Jesus is born!’ just like the shepherds told everyone about Jesus!
“Sheep herding is hard work. Great job, shepherd! Why do you think the shepherds were so excited to tell everyone about Jesus? (Pause.) Yes! Because, Jesus is special! Why is Jesus special? Jesus is God’s Son.”


“Dear God, Thank You for the people who have told us the good news that Jesus is Your Son and He wants to be our friend forever. Help us to tell people about Jesus too. We want everyone to know the good news that Jesus is Your Son and He wants to be their friend forever. We love You, God. In Jesus’ name, amen.”