To enable everyone to be a part of our Sunday Gatherings, we have two events to choose from.

ONSITE Gathering – Limited to 100 people (12 and over must show their ‘My Vaccine Pass’) – Bookings essential.
ONLINE Gathering – Open to anyone via ZOOM, includes the ONSITE Stream.

There are no ONSITE Children’s programs running for the remainder of 2021.

Preschool Aged Online
Primary Aged Online
Intermediate Aged Online

This gathering will reflect our usual style of worshiping together.

Join us for our ONSITE worship experience.
You MUST book a seat below to attend this gathering.

Some important things you need to know

  • For us to track numbers and attendees for our onsite gatherings you will need to pre-book your seat(s).
    This can be done via the form below or contacting our office.
    Once the seats have gone a waitlist will be created.
  • In accordance with the website, the following restrictions are in place for our ONSITE gatherings.
    • Your Vaccine Pass must be shown on arrival.
    • The venue is limited to 100 people excluding staff.
    • Mask use is recommended.
  • When you arrive you will be offered hand sanitiser and will be asked to either scan our QR code or manually enter you details on a record log. You will also need to show Your Vaccine Pass (12 and over)
  • There is NO Children’s programs onsite during December. Children are welcome to sit with their family.
  • The entire gathering will be recorded and streamed to the ONLINE Gathering.
    The recording will NOT be posted on Facebook.
  • The Café space will be closed.
  • If you are unwell please don’t come to our physical gatherings, no matter how much you want to be there! If you arrive showing signs of sickness we will be asking you to leave for the sake of other’s health.

This gathering is open to anyone, no booking required.

Join us for our ONLINE worship experience.
Pastor Abbey will host you via ZOOM from 9am so you can connect with others. Join anytime.
Close to 9.30am the live ONSITE service will be connected so you don’t miss any of the service.

Join the ONLINE Gathering here

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What should be our approach regarding vulnerable people, e.g., elderly, those not able to have the vaccine or those with medical conditions that prevents them from having the vaccine?

  • Our goal is for all people to be able to gather with others for care, connection, and church. The Gospel message highlights the importance for us as a church to focus on the vulnerable so we will continue to make this a priority.
  1. Will people still be required to scan or sign-in once we move to the traffic light system?

  • Yes, the Framework clearly states that contact tracing/sign-in is still required across all colour levels.
  • ‘My Vaccine Pass’ will be required to come to the onsite Sunday gathering. Children, 11 years and under, can come with their parents as the same restrictions do not apply.
  1. If vaccination certificates are required for church gatherings, what guidelines will be followed if a person refuses to adhere to these requirements and enters a church service?

  • We will communicate clearly with everyone outlining the requirements for the services and the options available to those not wishing to attend.
  • We will ensure everyone has access to some form of worship and fellowship, be it online, in person, or in a different environment.
  • Elders and Host Teams will be available at the church door to help with people who don’t have the ‘My Vaccine Pass’.
  1. Can vaccinated and unvaccinated gatherings be held in the same building but using different rooms?

  • We will look at the possibility of holding a service in another building on site.
  • We would need to complete a Health and Safety Risk Analysis to consider how people are kept safe in shared environments.
  1. How can I interact with other people, including the service on Sunday, if I am unable to attend a service in the church building?

  • There will be a Zoom café hosted BEFORE the service goes live by Pastor Abbey, with Christmas / New Year dates to be confirmed.
  • During the service, we have our Host Teams available to interact with you. If you have a prophetic word, or any word to share, you will be able to communicate this, and someone will respond to you. This is still being worked on, so details to come.