October 2021

The Dreamer

Joseph is sold into slavery

Genesis 37; 39:1-6

Question: Why did God make me?
Answer: God has good plans for me!

The Story

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The Story

Monthly Song

Monthly Song

Review and Discussion

Challenge your child to retell the story. Help him or her remember key details by asking the following questions:

  • Why did Joseph’s brothers throw him into a well? (They were jealous of Joseph. They hated him.)
  • What else did Joseph’s brothers do to him? (They tore off his special coat. They sold him as a slave.)
  • What happened to Joseph in Egypt? (He was sold to Potiphar, one of Pharaoh’s captains. Joseph was put in charge of Potiphar’s whole household. God blessed Joseph and made him successful.)

Read the following thought aloud to help increase your child’s understanding:

Joseph’s brothers hated him and ultimately sold him into slavery. But even though all these horrible things happened to Joseph, God was always with him. God helped Joseph by blessing him and making him successful.

Explore God’s Big Story

Together, discover how this specific lesson ties into God’s Big Story. Read the following aloud to your child:

We all face hardship, struggles and sadness. But just as He was with Joseph during his hard times, in the same way we can trust that God will be with us.

Memory Verse

Soon Joseph had another dream (close eyes and lay head on hands),
and again he told his brothers about it (move index finger outward from lips).

Listen (cup hand around your ear),
I have had another dream (close eyes and lay head on hands),”

he said. “The sun, moon, and eleven stars (flicker fingers above your head)
bowed low before me!” (bow down)
Genesis 37:9 (NLT)

Talk to God

Dear God,

How wonderful it is to know that You are always with us and watching over us. Help me to trust You when I face struggles.

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