July 2022

Everybody’s Welcome

1 Timothy 3:15 “… the Family of God is the church…”

The Story

Have fun learning and playing with your preschooler.
Choose from the various elements below to suit.

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The Story

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Review and Discussion

Challenge your child to retell the story. Help him or her remember key details by asking the following questions:

  • What did Peter tell Cornelius, his family and his friends about God? (God accepts people
    from every nation. God sent Jesus to everyone.)
  • What did Peter see in his vision? (He saw a huge sheet coming down from heaven filled with
    animals that Jews weren’t allowed to eat.)

God’s people, the Jews, did not eat certain animals. But in Peter’s a vision God told him that it
was okay to eat these animals. This meant that anyone could be part of God’s family, even if
they did not keep the same rules that the Jews did. Jesus died so that all people can be forgiven
from their sins.

Explore God’s Big Story

Together, discover how this specific lesson ties into God’s Big Story. Read the following aloud to your child:

Peter told Cornelius and his friends that God’s love is not just for a select few. God sent His gift of
the Holy Spirit to Jews and Gentiles alike. God’s love and the forgiveness is available to everyone
who chooses to believe in Jesus. God welcomes everyone!

Memory Verse

He (touch your middle finger to the other palm, then switch) is the one all the prophets
testified about (cup hands around your mouth),
saying that everyone who believes (bring hands together in heart shape) in him
will have their sins forgiven (slide one hand across the other, flip and repeat)
through his (touch your middle finger to the other palm, then switch) name.
Acts 10:43 (NLT)

Talk to God

Dear God,
I am grateful that You welcome everyone! Thank You for sending the Holy Spirit to make me
part of Your family.

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