Sunday 21 February

Week Three

The Centurion
(Matthew 8:5-13)

Say This
Who loves you?
Jesus loves me.

The Story

Have fun learning and playing with your preschooler.
First, watch the video below to hear God’s truth in a way your preschooler can understand and enjoy.
Then, follow up with the fun activities below!

Activity – Parachute Helpers

What You Need

A Towel

What You Do

Lay the towel flat on the floor. Ask your child to stand at one end of the towel and you stand at the other end. Ask them to help you move the towel up and down and down and side to side by holding the corners of the towel with their hands. Have them help you make it go fast and go slow. Continue as long as there is interest.
Say, “Let’s play a fun game. I need help! Can you come stand by this towel with me? I need help moving the towel up and down. Will you help me? Thank you! Now, can you help me move it side to side? Thank you! Can you help me move it up and down really fast? Great job! Now, can you help me move it really slow?
“Awesome job! You are such an amazing helper! Who helped the centurion in our story today? (Pause.) Yes, Jesus helped the centurion and made his servant all better. Jesus loves us so much, and He will always help us! Who loves you? Jesus loves me!”


“Dear God, thank You for sending Jesus to help us. Thank You that Jesus is always with us, listening, and ready to help. Please remind us to ask Jesus for help when we need it. We believe Jesus can help us. We love You, God. In Jesus’ name, amen.”