Sunday 1 November

Week One

Every Good and Perfect Gift
(James 1:17; Genesis 1)

Say This
Who is good?
God is good.

The Story

Have fun learning and playing with your preschooler.
First, watch the video below to hear God’s truth in a way your preschooler can understand and enjoy.
Then, follow up with the fun activities below!

Activity – Thankful Tree

What You Need

Construction paper, scissors, wall tape, crayons or markers

What You Do

Decide which wall in your home you are going to put your Thankful Tree on. Remember—it will be up all month long.
Create a simple trunk and branches out of brown construction paper and tape it to the wall. Then, cut out or tear leaves from green, yellow, orange, and red construction paper. Write or draw good things God made and tape the leaves to the tree.
You can add to your tree throughout November! At the end of the month, block out some special time to go through the whole tree and remember all that you were thankful for. You can even save your leaves as a memory.
(Note: If you do not have construction paper, white paper will do as well. You can color or decorate the white paper as time allows.)
Say, “Our Bible story was about how God made a really big world with lots and LOTS of good things in it. Let’s make a Thankful Tree like they did in the video! We can draw pictures of the good things God made on our leaves! When you put your leaf on the tree, I want you to say, ‘Thank you for [thing’s name], God. You are so good.’ God gave us all of these good things, because God is good. Who is good? God is good.”


“Dear God, You are so good! You made a wonderful world for us to live in and filled it with so many good gifts for us to enjoy. We want to thank You for some of those good things. I pray we will thank You for Your goodness every day. We love You, God. In Jesus’ name, amen.”