Sunday 11 October

Week Two

Moses in the Basket
(Exodus 1:22–2:10)

Say This
Who’s got it?
God’s got it.

The Story

Have fun learning and playing with your preschooler.
First, watch the video below to hear God’s truth in a way your preschooler can understand and enjoy.
Then, follow up with the fun activities below!

Activity – Traveling Memory Verse

What You Need

Paper plates

What You Do

Review the memory verse with your child using the motions once. Give them a paper plate and demonstrate how to hold the plate in front of you like a steering wheel. “Drive” around your home as you repeat the memory verse together.

What You Say

“We’re learning an awesome verse from the Bible this month to remind us that God loves me and that God’s got it. Let’s say it with our motions, too.
“God (point both hands straight up)
is with you (point out to a friend)
wherever (wave hands in a circle)
you go, (march in place)
Joshua 1:9.” (Open your hands like a book.)
“Is God with us at home? Yes! Is God with us when we travel? Of course! I have these steering wheels here. I want you to hold your steering wheel up like this (demonstrate), and we’ll drive around as we say the verse together. Let’s get in a line and drive together so our cars don’t bump into each other. We don’t want to have any car crashes!
“That was a fun drive! Let’s park our cars by having a seat right where you are. I’m so glad for this important truth that ‘God is with you wherever you go!’ Knowing this helps me remember that God’s got it. Who’s got it? God’s got it.”


“Dear God, You take care of each of us in so many ways. You are with us wherever we go. We should never worry, because no matter what, You’ve got it. Thank You for loving us so much. In Jesus’ name, amen.”