Sunday 6 December

Worship with Mel

The Story

Bible Story

Jesus Is Promised
Isaiah 9:6

Use this guide to help your family learn how God can help us live with humility.

First, watch this video
Then, follow up with the fun activities below!

ACTIVITY: Guess the Gift


Random toys, one gift bag

What You Do

Tell your child you’re going to play a game. Set out the toys and ask your child to study them, trying to memorize which ones are in the pile.
Put all the toys into the gift bag. Reach into the gift bag and choose a toy without pulling it out. Describe it to your child without telling them what it is. Then, let them guess which toy you’ve chosen. When they’ve guessed correctly, switch roles. Let your child be the one describing the toy while you try to guess which toy they chose. Alternate back and forth, describing and guessing each toy in the gift bag.
Say, “It’s fun to guess when someone describes something you can’t see. That’s how it was for the people who were waiting for a Savior. They knew God had promised to send a Savior, but they didn’t know who that Savior would be!”

Talk about the Bible Story

Review the words from Isaiah 9:6 that describe God’s promised Savior:

• Wonderful Counselor
• Mighty God
• Everlasting Father
• Prince of Peace

How do we know we can have hope?
Why is hope important?
How can we stay hopeful this time of year, especially with everything going on in our world right now?
Parent: Share a story about a time when you really hoped for something.


Use this prayer as a guide, either after your discussion or right before bed tonight:

“God, thank You for the gift of Your Son, Jesus. Thank You for keeping Your promise to send a Savior. Because of Jesus, we can hope—when things are good, and also when we feel scared or nervous. Thank You for the hope we have in Him. We love You. Amen!”


God Time Cards:
are devotionals kids can do that will reinforce the content in the weekly video presentations.