Sunday 16 August

Worship with Mel

The Story

Bible Story


Use this guide to help your family learn how God can help us live with humility.

First, watch this video
Then, follow up with the fun activities below!

ACTIVITY: Hunting Helpers

What You Need

Index cards or strips of paper, and something to write with

What You Do

Write the following words on index cards or strips of paper: Organized, musical , athletic , a nurse, kind, a chef, an animal lover, a nature lover, a teacher, a builder, an actor, a good listener, [your child’s name] Mix up the cards and tell your child that it’s time to play a game. Say, “I’ll give you a situation that needs a helper. You get to choose the best helper for each situation from this stack of cards. Most have more than one answer! You can choose as many cards as you want. Ready?”

  • The jump ropes used for gym class are all tangled. Who can help? Someone who is…
  • It’s time for the Christmas play. The director needs help with creating the set and the costumes. Who can help? Someone who is…
  • A kid on the soccer team struggles with getting the ball to where it’s supposed to go. Who can help? Someone who is…
  • The animal shelter needs someone to walk the dogs. Who can help? Someone who is…
  • There’s a bake sale to raise money for the youth group’s mission trip. Who can help? Someone who is…
  • Two friends are having an argument. Who can help them make peace? Someone who is…
  • Somebody on the playground fell, and they seem hurt. Who can help? Someone who is…

Feel free to add in scenarios of your own. Think through things that you need help with around the house, and ask who could help in those situations.

Talk about the Bible Story

What does the word “purpose” mean? (Something you’re meant for.) What do you think was one of Esther’s purpos-es in life? (To save the Jewish people.) What skills or talents did Esther use to fulfill her purpose? (She was brave, she was patient, she spoke well.)
In our activity today, we talked about the qualities that make people helpful. What is one quality or skill God gave you that makes you helpful?
Did you know that when you help some-one, or show someone kindness, you are fulfilling part of God’s purpose for your life? God created you to do big, incredible, awesome things. Just like Esther, God created you for a purpose.


Use this prayer as a guide, either after your discussion or right before bed tonight:

“God, thank You for creating us so cre-atively. You choose the color of our eyes, our skin, and our hair. You decid-ed what our handwriting would look like, and whether or not we’d be good at music, sports, video games, or art. And you chose every detail on purpose, FOR a purpose. Thank You for making me with a purpose. Thank You for creat-ing me to do BIG things for others and for You. I love You. Amen.”


God Time Cards:
are devotionals kids can do that will reinforce the content in the weekly video presentations.