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For Parents

I hope this family page can help open up conversations at home and support your children in their faith journeys.

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Jesus’ Ministry

Warm Up

Find some toys and objects around your house.

Set yourself a 2 minute timer and construct a baptism scene using the objects you have found.

Once you’ve done this ask yourself these questions:

1.What does your scene look like?

2.Is God playing a role in your scene? Where is God and what is God doing?

3.What do you think is the most important part of baptism?


Watch the video below then either  journal your thoughts or chat with a household member.

1.Why was Todd (John the Baptist) baptizing people?

2.Why do you think Todd (John the Baptist) felt like he wasn’t worthy to baptize Jesus?

3.Jesus didn’t need to repent, so why did he want to be baptized?

4. If you were living at this time, would you have been baptized? Why or why not?

Time to get your bible out!

Read the following three sections in your Bible and follow the instructions for each.

Mark 1.9-11

Draw blue waves under the words God speaks to Jesus.

Luke 4.14-21

Draw waves underneath parts that talk about what Jesus is going to do with his ministry.

John 3.22-30

God sent John to baptize people in preparation for Jesus’ coming. John knew what job God had given him. What job had God given you? Write or draw about it.