Obscure Hero’s

For the month of August we are digging into the Bible to find some of the hero’s who often go unnoticed.


Obscure: not discovered or known about; uncertain.

Hero: a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

The Story

Choose one of the passages from the list below. Click on the verses in brackets to read the story, then watch the connected video.

1) A young girls faith (2 Kings 5. 1-19)

3) Tabitha’s kindness (Acts 9. 36-43)

2) Abigail’s quick action (1 Samuel 25.1-35)


Which story did you choose to discover? In each story we are introduced to a person whose life had significance, it had meaning. Their lives impacts the people around them. The young girl’s faith in 2 Kings, ultimately led to the household worshipping God, Tabitha’s love for Christ which overflowed into love for others caused a miracle that led a whole town to believing in the Lord, and Abigail’s actions literally saved the lives of many people!


Activity One

Get a pen and some paper – either write down your answers to the questions below or share them with someone in your household.

  • Do you see yourself in the passage you chose? Who are you in the story?
  • What are some practical ways that you can live a life of meaning?
  • Thinking back to this past week, was there a moment that you did something kind for someone else?

Activity Two

  • Who in your life reminds you of these obscure hero’s? Who is someone that does good works, shows kindness and goes unrecognized?
  • Take some time to write this person an encouraging note or draw them a picture to say thank you to them.


Take a moment to ask God to reveal something new to you, then thank him for being with you as you learn and grow. Thank him for the obscure hero’s in your life.