Diving Encounters

We begin a new series now called Divine Encounters.

Here we will explore people in the Bible who had unexpected meetings with God. This week we are looking at:

Jacob at Jabbok


Watch this God’s Story video for the story of Jacob’s encounter with God.


Now get your Bible or click on this link to read the story in Genesis 32.22-32.


Write your thoughts down or discuss with a parent or sibling:

1. After watching the video why was Jacob afraid to see his brother?

2. Why do you think Jacob was wrestling with God?

3. Are there any words in this passage that stood out to you and why?

4.Is there anything that surprises you about this passage?

5. What are you wresting with God about? (Are there some things you are afraid of? Do you have doubts? Is God asking you to do something that is difficult?)


1. Making Oobleck

Sometimes when we encounter God, we have hard-hearts and we want to be totally in charge of our lives. But if we allow God to touch our hearts, He will change us. Like Jacob, we will never be the same again. If we stay in the hand of God, and listen to the Holy Spirit, then our lives will bring much joy and pleasure to God and ourselves. Instead of being hard-hearted, in God’s hand we become usable, flexible, and able to glorify God.

A good demonstration of this is Oobleck! Why not try to make some at home and see how it works? If you punch it, it seems to be solid, but if you scoop some into your hand, the Oobleck softens and pours out.

How to make Oobleck:

You will need: Container, water, cornstarch, towels, 1 cup of water to 1.5-2 cups of cornstarch. 1) Put the water in the container. 2) Slowly add the cornstarch. 3) Mixing can be tricky. Oobleck has the properties of solids and liquids. You can punch it and it feels solid. If you slowly put your hand on it, it will sink into the material. Add cornstarch until you can do this. You’ll probably have to mix with your hands.

2. Trees

Looking at this picture below – which little person do you feel best represents you at the moment? Which one describes where you are in your relationship with God right now?  You can send your response to me: cianne@gebc.org.nz


Take a moment to ask God to reveal something new to you, then thank him for being with you as you learn and grow.