The Sermon on the Mount

Seek God First


Spend some time looking at the picture above.

1.What does it make you think of?

2.What words would you use to describe these birds?

3.Do you think God cares for them?


Watch this video from the Bible Project (watch from 3.09 to 4.34)

It talks about God’s Kingdom as described in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.


Read Matthew 6.14-24 in your Bible.

Or click here to read this passage on Biblegateway.

Tip – you can choose a Bible version you want to read on the Bible gateway website.


Discuss with someone in your house and write down your thoughts:

More ways to read:

  • You can write it out and highlight any words that stand out to you.
  • Read it out loud for a second time.
  • Look up any words you don’t know.
  • Listen to an audio version (can be found on Biblegateway)


  • How many times does this passage say: ‘don’t worry’?
  • List the things that we are told to not worry about
  • What does God do in the passage?
  • Based on this, what do you think God’s kingdom is like?
  • What does faith mean to you?


Head outside or look out a window:

Find something that reminds you of this passage in Matthew. Maybe a stone, or a flower, a bird sitting in a tree.

As you take a moment to look at or touch this thing, pray to God.

Thank him for his care and ask him to help you remember this care when you are feeling worried.