VisionWest Budgeting Service is a long-standing provider of budgeting advice, education, advocacy and support, to individuals and families in West Auckland. VisionWest budget advisors work confidentially with people to find a plan that works for them; always encouraging people to take control of their finances instead of feeling out of control.

VisionWest budget advisors help people to get free of debt; negotiating with creditors, advocating with agencies like Work & Income and Inland Revenue Department, and sometimes supporting people through insolvency proceedings.

Employment is often the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and debt, therefore pre-employment support is offered to clients when needed. At VisionWest Budgeting Service our priority is to help people move forward and become financially self-supporting with a sustainable spending and saving plan.

VisionWest Budgeting Service in association with;
• CBNZ – Christian Budgeting of NZ
• Auckland Budget Consultants

Contact Budgeting Service

Phone: 09 818 0714

Email: Budgeting@VisionWest.org.nz

Postal Address: PO Box 20406, Glen Eden, Auckland, 0641

Street Address: 97 Glendale Road, Glen Eden, Auckland