Every church has it’s own unique flavour, below are just some of things of value to us that make us uniquely GEBC.

1. Kingdom Orientated
We believe that the Kingdom of God was the central theme of Jesus’ ministry and that we are called to partner with God to see the Kingdom come in greater expression in all areas of life.

2. Proactively Holistic
We believe that all people are made in God’s image and are of intrinsic value. Our service to people therefore needs to value and reflect the whole person, spiritually, physically, emotionally, intellectually & relationally.

3. Passionately Biblical
We are passionately committed to upholding the Bible as the inspired Word of God and as the final authority in all aspects of life and faith.

4. Intentionally Missional
We are motivated by a simple premise – God’s love for all humanity and desire for relationship. This premise is the basis of our understanding of the ‘Gospel’ and as such is to be reflected in our words, actions, and lifestyle.

5. Intergenerationally Connected
We place a high value on relational community and the inclusion of people of all ages, with particular focus on our children, youth and young adults.

6. Actively Charismatic
We seek to honour the presence and ministry of the Holy Spirit and desire to see a healthy expression of the Holy Spirit’s activity in all areas of life.

7. Responsively Worshipful
We place a high value on actively seeking to worship in spirit and in truth and in doing to corporately experience the presence of God – particularly in our corporate celebration services. We encourage freedom of expression and variety in worship, but in particular acknowledge that historically singing has and will continue to be a significant part of our worship expression.