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Switch at Home

For Parents

I hope this family page can help open up conversations at home and support your children in their faith journeys.

For Switchers

Just follow the instructions as you scroll down the page.

Jesus’ Ministry

Warm Up

1.Pick one of the following good-for-you activities.

• Doing your homework
• Brushing your teeth
• Cleaning your room
• Going to bed on time
• Eating vegetables
• Create your own!

2.Give yourself three minutes to come up with a short story that parents
could tell to teach their kids why these things are good to do (instead of just
making them a rule that they must follow)

3.Write your story down and email it to me!


Watch the video below then either  journal your thoughts or chat with a household member.

1. So, what’s a parable?

2.Todd seemed to go crazy that he couldn’t get a straight answer. Why do
you think Jesus used parables instead of providing straight answers?

3.If you were Jesus, how would you have taught about God’s kingdom?

Time to get your bible out!

Read the following three sections in your Bible and follow the instructions for each.

Matthew 13.10-17

Draw a lamp over every reference to seeing, hearing, and understanding in the passage.

• How would you explain something so new and different as the kingdom of God?

Mark 4.30-32

Use a pencil to lightly sketch a mustard bush filling a page.

• Does this parable help you understand God’s
kingdom? Why or why not?

Luke 15.11-24

Draw a road to show the parable of the prodigal son and draw party to show the father welcoming his son home.

• Have you ever felt angry or jealous of a sibling or
friend? Why? What happened?

• Why do you think God wants to welcome