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For Parents

I hope this family page can help open up conversations at home and support your children in their faith journeys.

For Switchers

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Jesus’ Ministry

Warm Up

You will need: 6 random objects (toys, houseware, photos, knick-knacks), paper, pens

Randomly set the objects up into pairs.

Once you’ve done this write down a reason why each pair of objects ‘fits’ together.


Ask yourself:

1.Why do unlikely things sometimes fit together?

2.Do you have any unlikely or strange friends, what do you like best about them?

3.Why do you think Jesus picked such an assorted group of people to be his disciples?


Watch the video below then either  journal your thoughts or chat with a household member.

1.Why do you think Jesus chose different kinds of people to be his disciples?

2.Who are your friends? Are you all the same or are you pretty different?

3.What do you think Jesus meant when he told the disciples to go on
making disciples?

4. How do you think you could make disciples today?

Time to get your bible out!

Read the following three sections in your Bible and follow the instructions below for each.

Mark 9.33-37

In your notebook, draw three things the disciples believed were great and three things Jesus thought were great.

Mark 10.35-41

Write what you would ask Jesus to do for you.

• What kinds of things would you ask Jesus for?
• What would you have liked about being one of
Jesus’ disciples? What wouldn’t you have liked?

Matthew 28.16-20

Write the word Doubt on a bit of paper. Write some doubts you think the disciples might have had.

• If you were one of the disciples, what doubts
would you have had?
• Why do you think the disciples knew they could
trust in Jesus?